Touchscreen Panel Console

IST Simulations produces popular panel console training systems on touch-screens, both of ‘real’ locations and fictional, including our new ‘Modular’ simulator.

Touch-screens provide a significant space and cost advantage in that software for multiple panels and/or panel positions can be installed on one system, and called up as required on a session-by-session basis.

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Touchscreen panels can be made for any layout, real or fictional. The touchscreens use intuitive target areas for easy re-creation of push-push, turn-push, OCS and IFS styles, with any style and colour of facia.

Simulators by IST are built to comply with Network Rail’s standards for the provision of signalling simulators: NR/L2/OPS/254 and NR/L2/OPS/254/01, and NR has issued a Product Acceptance certificate to confirm compliance.

Software Systems

IST’s touchscreen panels are powered by three software systems, all completely in-house developed by IST’s software labs – one for the signaller’s panel interface, one for the interlocking and one for the ‘outside world’.

Our interlocking simulation software can be deployed in training environments with SW67, E10k, SSI or any other interlocking type behaviour. The panels are interlocked to the exact local requirements, including from real-life control tables. Both local and remote interlocking behaviour can be modelled, including all associated route-setting, aspect controls, point controls, remote control and override behaviour, ‘wired’ exactly as per the real life equivalents.

Our ‘outside world’ software, also developed in-house completely from scratch and completely unique to IST, mimics the movement of trains, point blades, lamp proving, and all the other real-life inputs to the interlocking.

Assessor’s Terminal

All IST simulations enjoy a comprehensive assessor’s machine on which all aspects of the simulation can be managed including altering the movement of trains, failure of points, aspect / signal and track circuit equipment, ground frame operation and other miscellaneous actions such as HABD, power failure, remote control, NTSR controls, etc.

Training System

Combined, the above components provide a training environment with 100% accurate-to-life panel and interlocking behaviour on which all types of training for normal-working and emergency drills can be practiced with zero safety risk.

Previous Work

We are pleased to have supplied NX panel simulators of the following locations for Network Rail:

Eastleigh ASC
Panel 1 – Eastleigh – March 2022
Panel 2 – Southampton – July 2023
Panel 3 – Redbridge – July 2023

Wimbledon ASC
Panel 1 – Waterloo Main (under construction)
Panel 2 – Waterloo Windsor (under construction)
Panel 3 – Wimbledon – November 2023
Panel 4 – Epsom – July 2023
Panel 5 – Barnes – December 2023

Three Bridges ASC
Panel 1A – Norwood Jn – December 2023
Panel 1B – Croydon – December 2023
Panel 1C – Selhurst – December 2023
Panel 2 – Purley – October 2023
Panel 3 – Redhill – April 2024
Panel 4 – Gatwick – February 2024
Panel 5 – Haywards Heath – May 2024
Panel 6 – Brighton – February 2024
Panel 7 – Horsham (under construction)

Victoria ASC (South Eastern)
Panel 7 – Stewarts Lane – January 2024
Panel 8 – Loughborough Jn – January 2024
Panel 9 – Herne Hill – January 2024
Panel 10A – Bickley – July 2023
Panel 10B – Swanley – July 2023

Modular Simulators
Installed at:
York (coming soon)

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