IST’s GSM-R training apparatus is now in use at several Network Rail training centres.

The system is available with any number of candidate terminals, each of which can act as a driver or signaller, enabling both sides to see how their actions affect the other. The instructor can also act as a number of additional trains.

The system also includes a live map of train positions, signal aspects and train describer, enabling visual demonstration of the routing of different types of calls, including how GSMR can route calls to the ‘wrong’ signaller in some circumstances. The map is customised with relevant local location names.

All calls are recorded for downloading by the assessor for use as evidence to support competence decision-making.

If the video does not display above you can watch it on YouTube or LinkedIn.

The system simulates the following driver and signaller terminal behaviour:

– Normal calls, driver to signaller
– Normal calls, signaller to driver
– Urgent calls, driver to signaller
– Urgent calls, signaller to driver
– Normal and urgent calls made from the Train List, Dial Pad by Headcode or Dial Pad by Unit Number
– Railway Emergency Group calls, driver to signaller (including lead and non-lead signallers)
– Railway Emergency Group calls, signaller to drivers (including lead and non-lead signallers)
– Normal group calls, signaller to drivers
– Broadcast set up and activation by area, signal berth, one-shot and repeating
– ST acknowledgement operational text message from driver to signaller
– Normal calls between signaller terminals
– Urgent calls between signaller terminals
– Role-sharing between signaller terminals, including appropriate routing of subsequent calls
– “Standing at Signal” operational text message
– SG “Wait” operational text message
– “Contact Signaller” operational text message
– DSD Alarm Activation
– PA call, signaller to train
– Screen-clean functionality
– Screen beep functionality

It is also possible to make use of local regular headcodes and unit numbers for maximum realism.

Previous Work

We are pleased to say that IST GSMR Simulators are in use at the following locations:

Network Rail
Cardiff ROC
Eastleigh ASC
Thames Valley Signalling Centre
Plymouth PSB
Exeter PSB
Westbury PSB
Bristol PSB

Train Operating Companies
ScotRail Glasgow, driver training centre

Contact us at or 01962 580501 for more information.