IST Simulations provides railway signalling training simulation equipment to the UK railway industry.

Whether it’s a panel console, a panel on touch-screens, or even a mechanical lever frame you require, GSM-R training system or telephone safety comms training, IST can provide custom built systems to enable the delivery of high-quality, high-fidelity training to signallers and operations staff with 100% true-to-life operation and zero safety risk.

All our simulators are custom-built to your exact requirements, interlocked exactly as per the real thing or as per your control tables. All IST simulations enjoy a comprehensive assessor’s machine on which all aspects of the simulation can be managed.

Our simulations have been used by Network Rail and other main line companies for training delivery, and all are built to comply with Network Rail’s standards for the provision of signalling simulators: NR/L2/OPS/254 and NR/L2/OPS/254/01, confirmed by NR’s issuing of Product Acceptance.

Contact us at or 01962 580501.