Here is a brief video from the development laboratory in Micheldever of a new “Phone Sim” communications training tool IST Simulations is developing to assist in training, coaching and assessing of safety-critical communications skills in a risk-free environment.

The system also supports multi-disciplinary exercises, development and training of new staff, post-incident training, and assessment work.

Candidates can phone each other and play both their own roles and experience roles that they don’t normally do, improving understanding of the ‘other side’ of the calls they normally make.

The instructor can monitor calls, either discreetly or by taking part in the call, and all calls are recorded for playback on the instructor’s machine or downloading for saving in other systems.

The system can be supplied with any number of extensions (6- and 12-extension sets are supplied as standard), and will be supplied in a case for easy set-up/tidying-away.

If the video does not display above, you can watch it on YouTube or Linkedin.

Previous Work

We are pleased to say that IST Phone Simulator is already in use with Network Rail at:

Kent Control (Blackfriars)
Three Bridges ROC
Basingstoke ROC
Thames Valley Signalling Centre
Carmerthen Jn

Contact us at or 01962 580501 for more information.